TWG Tea-Infused Tiramisu – Luxury in Every Bite

Picture this: a fork gliding through layers of velvety mascarpone, delicately soaked in TWG Tea essence, with each bite revealing the harmonious blend of tea and tiramisu. Whether you’re a tea connoisseur or a dessert enthusiast, Le’tart’s TWG Tea-infused tiramisu promises a sensory extravaganza that lingers on the palate, leaving you craving for more.

Best known for their tarts, Le’tart now offers an enchanting fusion of flavors with their exquisite Flower and Tea-ramisu, where the delicate allure of blooms meets the sophistication of fine teas.

Introducing their three new launches: Charme En Jaune, L’AMOUR FLEURI, and Forêt Noire, each tea-ramisu is a symphony of taste, bringing together the vibrant hues of flowers and the rich essence of fine teas for an unparalleled dessert experience.

Renowned for its opulent teas, TWG takes center stage in its kitchen, lending its prestigious essence to its flower and tea-ramisu. From the fragrant French Sweet Tea to the sophisticated 1837 TWG Black Tea, each tea-ramisu is a testament to the delicate infusion process that transforms ordinary desserts into extraordinary masterpieces. Prepare to be enchanted by the subtle notes and fragrances that define their TWG Tea-infused creations.

Each portion starts from just $13.90, allowing you to savor the luxury without breaking the bank!

Wrapping up this delightful journey into the world of Le’tart, it’s clear that their Flower and Tea-ramisu are not just desserts; they’re pieces of edible art. With the recent additions of Charme En Jaune, L’AMOUR FLEURI, and Forêt Noire, Le’tart has truly elevated the game. And here’s the sweet surprise – each portion is a steal, starting from just $13.90! So, whether you’re treating yourself or sharing the joy with friends, Le’tart’s Flower and Tea-ramisu promise a taste of indulgence that won’t break the bank. Time to treat your taste buds to a little piece of heaven!

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