Sibei Hojiak Omakase At Keong Saik From Only $88!

First of all this place is sibei the chio. Interior black black gold gold and got moon hanging on ceiling also. Bring GF, Wife, MIL or who come also very got feels ah. Most importantly the menu starts from $88 nia, no where can find liao i tell you!!!

This Omakase offers just 15seats, very fast full house one!

For the $88 menu is for lunch nia, this is the price list:

12 course Tsuyu $88 (only for lunch)
15 course Tatsumaki $128
17 course Aozora $ 188

Yes dinner $40 more, but the courses also got increase. And they add in sibei holiao i tell you!

Uni (Sea Urchin)

AND THIS THIS THIS! WE CAPS UNTIL LIKE THAT because this dish makes the whole meal mind blowing. Who would have thought of combining Amaebi (Japanese sweet shrimp) with Foie Gras. The combination is genius, its just fuyoooooooooo, damn goods!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Address: 33 Keong Saik Road 089140

Available Daily : 5rounds of serving
12:00pm 13:30pm 18:00pm 19:30pm 21:00pm

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