Free Limited Edition Red Packet For Every $18 Spent At King Of Fried Rice!

As the Lunar New Year approaches, King of Fried Rice is adding a touch of prosperity to your dining experience. In a generous gesture, the popular chain is offering free red packets for every $18 spent, making your meal not only delicious but also a celebration of good fortune.

Imagine savoring your favorite dishes at King Of Fried Rice while collecting these vibrant red packets – each one a symbol of luck and prosperity. This exclusive promotion has captured the attention of food enthusiasts and festive celebrators alike, turning every visit into a delightful opportunity to partake in the Lunar New Year festivities.

The red packets themselves are thoughtfully designed, featuring festive motifs and traditional symbols associated with the Lunar New Year. Customers not only get to relish the flavors of King Of Fried Rice’s culinary delights but also take home a piece of the celebration.

This limited-time offer has sparked a wave of enthusiasm on social media, with diners sharing their experiences and showcasing the beautiful red packets they’ve collected. The hashtag #HuatwithKOFR has become a trending topic as patrons express their delight in discovering this festive surprise during their dining adventures.

For those planning a Lunar New Year gathering or looking for a unique way to usher in the Year of Dragon, King Of Fried Rice emerges as the go-to destination. From delectable dishes to the joyous addition of free red packets, it’s an all-encompassing celebration that brings good fortune to the table.

So, don’t miss out on the opportunity to feast your way into prosperity – head to King Of Fried Rice today and let the flavors of the season and the allure of free red packets make this Lunar New Year a truly memorable one!

Here’s to a Huat All Year 龙!

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