Live Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown Sells Humongous Yet Affordable Seafood Platters!

Happy Dining Seafood 喜来聚海鲜 is located at 50 Temple St, Singapore 058595. It was introduced by a friend cause he knows we love seafood, especially LIVE SEAFOOD!

Their platter starts from $88, all the way to $588.

And this is how the $88 one looks like. It comes with a silver platter filled with baby lobsters, big prawns, scallops, gong gong, lala & 2 crabs! The crabs you can choose to have either spicy or salted egg. The boss strongly recommended us to go for the salted egg, oh boy we didn’t regret! Their salted egg is packed with sweetness and salted egg yolk flavor, super duper gao! And the amount of sauce is not stingy at all!

And another eat liao will steam food item is the garlic scallops, super super super garlicky, shioks!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is only the $288!

This platter could food my family of 6 EASILY! Look at how big this is. I mean the $88 one already can 3 person eat. This is (I think) meant for 7 to 9 pax.

I wonder how big the $588 will be. Guess it’s for me to know for you to find out!

Last but not least, I hope everyone can try their Pig’s Trotter!

For only $6, you can to try their in-house recipe, very pang (fragrant) and perfectly braised, 10/10 !!!

P.S we ate so fast we forget to take photo of this dish. This is taken from their menu!

Call 81100028 For Reservation!

FB: HappyDiningSeafood

Address: 50 Temple St, Singapore 058595

Opens Daily 11am-10pm

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